The Cape Town Celtic Festival

Our Celtic roots go back thousands of years.

The Celts are known by:

  • Their distinct Celtic languages, still spoken in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, The Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany and Gaul
  • Their culture and traditions spread around the world through music, story and song, reconnecting us all with legends of the ancestral culture lands and people

Known as “the people of the gift”, artists, storytellers and musicians preserve and share cultural treasures. We read and listen to the myths and legends of a wise and warm-hearted people, who share a unique respect of the land, and all it encompasses and supports. The messages for today highlight just how much we can still learn from the past. It is time for Cape Town to celebrate her Celtic roots!

Cape Town is no different to the rest of the world, with thousands of her citizens and visitors sharing a common Celtic heritage and passion. Irrespective of culture, language or creed, many Capetonians share Celtic roots, or embrace a romantic connection to, and love of, Celtic culture, music and tradition.

South Africa enjoys numerous gatherings, festivals, musical and dance talents, and competitions. A group of like-minded people of Celtic origin have decided to launch a similar festival in Cape Town. This Festival will complement the other festivals in the country and allow those who do not wish or have the means to travel, to enjoy the Celtic magic in our Mother City.

The Cape Town Celtic Festival will be a joint project with The Rotary Clubs of Kirstenbosch, Signal Hill, and Waterfront (TBC), with the intention of making the festival an annual event.

The Cape Town Celtic Festival is YOUR festival!

Cape Town Celtic Festival